On Our Team Since: 2014
Education: Associate degree, Liberal Arts, Mount Wachusett Community College
Interests: Art, antique restoration, writing, reading, yard sales, and trivia.

Mark worked for 20 years at a small Co-operative Bank, starting as a teller and working up to President. He then worked as a Teacher’s Aide for the Shirley, MA school system, and more recently at a sales and marketing firm in Marlborough, MA. In his spare time, Mark likes to restore trunks, furniture, artwork, and ceramics; he also enjoys drawing, painting, reading, and trivia. Mark lives in Shirley with his wife, Karen. He is the proud parent of Navarro, a tuxedo cat, as well as grandfather to his daughter’s 5 cats, Ruxin, Loki, Spike, George, and Fred, as well as her Catahoula Leopard dog Violet, and Lemon Beagle Arya.