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The veterinary field continues to grow and expand every day. We are dedicated to keeping up with those changes and offering our patients and clients the latest and best advancements possible across a variety of modalities.

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Often, the most effective approach to treating an ill or injured pet is actually many approaches. An integrative and complementary treatment plan that uses multiple treatment modalities may be needed to achieve the best balance possible. The integrative therapies that we offer are beneficial both by themselves and when used in conjunction with other more ‘traditional’ approaches. We are proud to offer these effective and innovative ways to help your pet feel their best.

Our Integrative Medicine offerings include:


Western Herbal Medicine

Nutritional therapies

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Holistic Medicine for the Whole of Your Pet

The use of holistic treatments is highly individualized, as each patient responds to their illness or injury in a unique way. The theory behind homeopathic treatment is that the symptoms of the ill or injured patient are the body’s attempt to restore balance in the face of disorder or disease. The proper homeopathic medicine matches the patient’s unique symptoms, their individual expression of their disease state, and stimulates the vital life force to allow homeostasis, balance, and healing to occur. It is a gentle treatment approach that works with the body, not against it. Having an open mind, being a good listener and observer, and the ability to be flexible in the treatment plan allows for optimal success.